About Us


Our current Chairman, Mr. Dhiraj B. Mehta, a double graduate from Michigan University, U.S.A., established PACE in 1977 in Mumbai. We have a strong footing in the industry, having worked with all major business houses in India.

We now represent many International companies in the Compressed Air, Refrigeration and Chiller industry, making available to our Indian industry, some of the worlds most advanced machinery and technologies.

Since 1994, PACE has been solely in charge of all sales, commissioning and after sales services throughout the country for a number of large European companies.

In addition, PACE complements this primary business by successfully carrying out special large product and system demands of different industries on a case-to-case basis. We also undertake sourcing of spare parts for equipment of various industries.

We concentrate on quality service, having a team of progressive and efficient persons employed with us. Our team of service engineers are trained and updated consistently from time to time, not only about the product and technology, but also good customer interaction.

PACE has recently taken the next step in extending this well-established business practice, to set up base in Singapore under the name of Novus Technic Pvt. Ltd., which primarily manages the world market outside of India as well as extending our trade expertise.


Green Footprint

Focus on technologies and products that are environment friendly, by using which, our customers can obtain BCA Greenmark Certification

These technologies help them save huge amounts of money due to lower operating costs.