About the Company

Established in 1977, PACE Group has a strong reputation for quality and excellence.
We are the premier one-stop solution provider of cost-effective industrial solutions in India to several process plants and large corporations to optimize their operations through comprehensive solutions, from machinery to service and sourcing.

About Pace group

PACE Group is a full-service industrial solutions provider that specializes in supporting large corporations and process plants to optimize their productivity, reduce costs and ensures reliable operations by providing market-leading products, solutions, and services from all over the world.
Since 1977, PACE Group has been the premier partner for leaders in varied industries which include automobile, glass, textile, cement, eduction, plastic, chemical, steel & metals, pharmaceutical, food & beverage to provide the tools they need to boost their performance and efficiency.

Our History


PACE Group was founded in 1977 by Mr. Dhiraj Bhimjibhai Mehta, graduate in mechanical and industrial engineering from the University of Michigan. Mr. Dhiraj Mehta recognized a need for innovative technology solutions that could improve business operations across multiple industries. Initially, he started a large manufacturing facility located in Andheri East, Mumbai. The manufacturing range included heat exchangers, pressure vessels, and compressed air products including aftercoolers, moisture separators, air receivers, air dryers, and filters.


From the very beginning, the company's vision was to provide comprehensive industrial solutions that optimize performance and efficiency for its clients. PACE's reputation for quality and excellence quickly spread and for many years, the company supplied its products to OEMs such as Ingersoll Rand, Kirloskar, and KG Khosla. In the mid-80s, PACE recognized the need to strengthen its marketing efforts and began approaching direct users with its high-quality products.


In 1991, PACE shifted and relocated its office and factory to Andheri West, to better serve its growing client base. The company continued to expand its offerings through strategic partnerships, such as the one established in 1994 with M/s SABROE (Ultratroc) in Germany for marketing dryers in India and in 1996 with M/s WALKER, UK for marketing filters.


However, as the company continued to grow, space constraints became an issue. In 1997, the factory was shifted out to Vasai, and a new factory was set up in Silvassa the following year. During this time, PACE also formed partnerships with M/s LASOR, Germany and M/s VOKES, UK to market their products in India.


In 2000, PACE decided to close its manufacturing operations and focus solely on marketing. Since then, the company has focused on marketing high-end industrial products from Europe into India. In 2005, PACE set up a subsidiary company in Singapore, under the name of NOVUS Technik Pte. Ltd. This company deals in all kinds of Heavy machinery and Spare parts.

2019 onwards

PACE shifted office to Vile Parle West in 2019. Through its more than 46 years of history, PACE has established itself as a leading provider of comprehensive industrial solutions in India, with a strong focus on performance optimization and efficiency.

Our Mission

Optimizing the performance and efficiency of our clients with comprehensive industrial solutions, from machinery to service and sourcing

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the one stop solution provider of cutting-edge industrial solutions that are both cost-effective and tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and achieve their business goals

Our Directors

Mr. Anish D Mehta

Mr. Anish D Mehta has completed his BSc. Physics from Bombay University, India and entered the business at a very young age. He now has over 41 years of experience in the compressed air solutions space. He has a wide network of relations across the globe which has enabled him to create many strategic partnerships to not only take the business to new heights but also bring international technologies to the benefit of his customers.

Mr. Dhiraj B Mehta

PACE Group was founded by our current Chairman Mr. Dhiraj Mehta in 1977. He is a Double Graduate BE Mechanical and BE Industrial from Michigan University, USA in 1961. The first ever Refrigerated Air Dryer to be built in India was designed by him and constructed under his supervision.

Mr. Shanai A Mehta

Mr. Shanai A Mehta is the third-generation entrant in PACE Group. He has completed his BSc. Management with Honours from the Warwick Business School, UK. His role will be to expand the current product & service range by integrating upcoming technology into the business. Before joining PACE Group he has worked at KPMG for 3 years to gain knowledge and bring a wealth of experience to the company.

Our Products

Our Services

Why Settle For Mediocrity
When You Can Partner With The Best?

At Pace Group, we’re more than just another industrial solutions provider. We’re a partner in your success. With decades of experience and a team of experts dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions from sourcing to service, we’re confident in our ability to help you optimize your performance and achieve your business goals.

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