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Established in 1977, PACE Group has a strong reputation for quality and excellence.
We are the premier one-stop solution provider of cost-effective industrial solutions in India to several process plants and large corporations to optimize their operations through comprehensive solutions, from machinery to service and sourcing.

Health Testing

It is essential with respect to air dryers and filters because it helps to identify and address any potential issues or problems with the air quality as well as any component level issues

Dew Point Measurement Testing

It provides a solution by accurately determining the moisture content and potential for condensation within a compressed gas or air stream

Compressed Air Flow Testing

It is a measure of the flow rate of compressed air through a particular pipeline.

Wall Thickness Testing

It determines the thickness of the walls of pipes and vessels, and to ensure that they are thick enough to withstand the forces they are subjected to.

Why Settle For Mediocrity
When You Can Partner With The Best?

At Pace Group, we’re more than just another industrial solutions provider. We’re a partner in your success. With decades of experience and a team of experts dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions from sourcing to service, we’re confident in our ability to help you optimize your performance and achieve your business goals.

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